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The Wedding Experience

Weddings are both the culmination and the beginning of a lifetime’s worth of journey. And they need to be documented as such. The rituals, the fun and frolic, tears of joy and laughter – these are all memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. The memories may fade, however our shots of those memories won’t.
Be it your roka, mehendi, haldi, sangeet, or the big day itself, we will ensure that all these beautiful moments are captured, while you concentrate on the one thing that is more important – enjoying the moment!


Most people dream of their weddings for the longest time. You have vague ideas in your minds of a fairytale version of your life. We take those vague ideas and give it a concrete shape! Go all out with lovely dresses, deck up like a prince/princess, pretend you are flying – unleash your fairytale version in front of the camera and let the world see you in a new light.

True Candids

Everyone looks their best at their elemental self. Candid shots are a way to being true to yourself, without the glitter and glitz of wedding grandeur covering you up. We love to capture you at your best, and the best moments are not posed. We concentrate on portraying your emotions – while you concentrate on each other – showcasing your love, your laugh, your genuine happiness for all to see and admire.

Absolute Creativity

Some just like more romanticism in their lives! If realism is not your style, then opt for something wild and out-of-the-box with our Absolute Creative range. We can stage out your wild and wacky ideas. Row out in a paper boat, fly high is a toy plane, hang around on a cloud – your only limit is your imagination.


Professional Services
Drones can capture stunning aerial visuals of your event. Both videos and photos captured via drone provide a bird’s eye view of your shoot, breathtaking and unique shots that will amaze you!
Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
Pre-wedding photoshoots capture the essence of you before you get hitched, and your life changes forever. We plan, visualize and execute your dream pre-wedding shoots with finesse and flair.
Pre-Wedding Video
Pre-wedding videos can be made during pre-wedding photo sessions or in a separate session. These videos can be as funny and wacky as you want,or just showcase your couple’s journey. Videos can be scripted, or an amalgamation of candid moments, whatever suits your vision.
Candid Photography
Candid photographs capture the natural you, without much posing and posturing. These photos are often capture the subject unawares. We try to show you at your natural best - just enjoying your time under the sun!
Cinematographers specialize in capturing moments rather than just recording the events. Special moments are stitched together to create that perfect cinematic wedding story. Cinematic videos are of short and sweet duration (of about 10 mins).
Traditional Videography
Traditional videos are pretty straight forward, without too much creative direction. These videos tend to encompass the entire event and are delivered in the form of a long video (usually 40-90 mins). The editing done is simple and minimal without added affects or cinematic tools being used.
Traditional Photography
Traditional photographers usually are run and gun shooters. We usually suggest them for using during continuous group photo shoot sessions (such as receptions) or during small/home functions.
We can provide customized modern photobook album designs as per your tastes and requirements. Albums can be of different sizes and quality. All luxury version albums are provided in 12” x 18” landscape formats.
A Photobooth can be a fun addition to your wedding experience. Your guests can enjoy some great group and individual photos for themselves, and have some fun with props while at it.
Live Projection & Web-streaming
Live streaming is projecting your event live onto a TV or an LED screen wall. A dedicated team of traditional videographer, operator and camera takes on the mantle of live streaming. Webcasting is live HD streaming of your event on the web. Your loved ones who couldn’t attend your wedding can now see you live in their browser from anywhere in the world.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our team size depends entirely on your wedding size. It will be tailored to your requirement. Our 25-people strong team consists of directors, candid photographers, traditional photographer, traditional videographers, cinematographers and editors. We can only decide on the number of artists required once we are sure about the scope of work involved!

Our “core team” members are highly professional artists with abundant skills and long industry exposure. These people are the ones usually leading the “apprentice team” during your wedding. Apprentice team members are well-versed in their respective arts, with good technical skills, but come with lesser experience in the field.

Yes, we are willing to trot right across the globe to capture a good wedding. Plus, we love to travel!

We usually share it via cloud or file sharing services. You can also opt for photo albums/ hard copies as well as DVDs. We generally deliver the images in high-res printable jpeg formats. Our videos are in 1080p/720p full HD formats.

The average duration of videos are as follows:

  • Traditional video: ~60 mins per event
  • Cinematic Highlight/Trailer video: ~90 sec
  • Cinematic video: ~10 mins

We do not work on the basis of numbers. We believe in quality over quantity. We will give you any and all good photos that we shoot at your event, post editing.

We have partnered with various photo album printing services, and can provide the best luxury albums in the business. You have full control over album customization – from photo selections to personalizing albums covers and pages. 

We just like sticking to our strengths – that’s capturing beautiful memories for you.

We give a lot of emphasis on planning for pre-wedding shoots. Usually there is a lengthy conversation that takes place with our clients over coffee. Meet us and we’ll take you through everything! :)

We offer fully customized services to our clients. Our services includes – candid photography, cinematography, traditional photography, traditional videography, pre-wedding shoots (photo + videos), drone, mixing unit, LED Screen walls.

We do not have any predefined packages for our wedding services. We find that each client’s requirements are unique. So, we customize our service proposal after meeting with you in person and understanding your requirements. 

We take 50% of the total amount for blocking the dates, and the remaining 50% within 7 days after the last wedding shoot day. We accept cash, online transfer & cheque payments. 

Our core team covers a maximum of 3-4 weddings a month. 

We take in more wedding projects only when we have the bandwidth, and have additional team members available.

No. However, for outstation shoots the client has to take of travel, food, accommodation expenses (if any). There will also be an additional charge if you wish to get all RAW photos from us. 

We deliver RAW photos, but only at an extra cost. RAW video footages, however, can be availed by the clients at no extra charge.

We usually deliver photos and traditional videos within 7-10 days from the last day of wedding shoot. Wedding films are delivered around 30-40 days later. 

Booking usually takes place around 6 months prior to any wedding project. Our dates get blocked pretty fast, so get booking as early as possible – the sooner, the better.

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